Thursday, November 23, 2006

The pictures are telling the story

Who said blogs were derivative? Compare this story in The Times, with ours here.

We did it quicker, we have more information, more links and more analysis – which you can agree with or not. Furthermore, we manage to do it without the self-important, "The Times has learnt that…", a style that the MSM so loves.

What is interesting though is what the article does not say. On a matter of such obvious importance, the paper does not see fit to publish any comments by opposition politicians. The BBC website does record some of them and from these you can see why The Times did not bother - vacuous does not even begin to describe it.

In a week so far packed with events, therefore, it has been in fact the pictures of the politicians rather than the words that have told the story. Our composite above says it all: Brown and Blair from Mars… the Boy from Venus. From soundbite to photo-shoot – is this the ultimate in dumbing down, with the politicians choosing to convey their messages this way?

And, is it the case that he who lives by the photo-shoot, dies by the photo-shoot?


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