Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The courage of Iranian students

News comes via Gateway Pundit of another anti-government demonstration by Iranian students as President Ahmadinejad (who is trying to install religious overseers in higher education institutions in the country) speaks to them, no doubt to inform them of the tremendous Iranian achievements under his rule. As Comrade Stalin used to say: “Life has become better, life has become happier”.

Appropriately enough, Novosti reported it as follows:
The demonstration is the third student protest in a week, the first sizeable student unrest in the Islamic Republic under the hard-line leader, who came to power in 2005 and began reversing earlier reforms.

A group of students began chanting anti-presidential slogans and smashed Iranian state television cameras installed to cover the event at Amir Kabir University. Other students, however, shouted out support for Ahmadinejad, Fars said.

Hundreds of students joined a rally at Amir Kabir University of Technology, a leading Iranian research institute, Sunday to protest against a clampdown on members of the reformist Muslim Student Association.

An earlier student rally in the Islamic Republic's capital Wednesday was held to draw attention to government tyranny.
More pictures and a video on AllahPundit.

Still, the Iranian government has more important things on its mind. It is supposedly hosting a conference "to establish whether or not the Holocaust ever took place, and if so to verify its true scale".


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