Thursday, May 27, 2010

You think?

" ... what jaded eyes find incredible seems perfectly natural to those outside Westminster who, having voted to put no one in sole charge, want to see politicians take up the challenge and co-operate in the national interest."

So writes the ultimate denizen of the bubble, Benedict Brogan, who has honed and perfected the Westminster narrative, to explain and justify the Cleggeron coalition.

"It is therefore not enough for those of us involved in the daily conversation of politics to dismiss as naive the enthusiasm of a majority who have discovered a taste for something other than brutal partisanship," he thus prattles. "We can argue about precisely how things have changed, but we must accept that they have."

The point which escapes the egregious Brogan is that, where we are not entirely indifferent to them, we continue to hold our politicians in profound contempt. Fundamentally, nothing has changed, and it is only fools like Brogan, in the bubble, who believe that it has.