Saturday, May 22, 2010

The undead

Much tutting and knowing discussion attended the comparison between the fictional television character DCI Gene Hunt and David Cameron (above), during the election campaign. Widely regarded as an "own goal" for Labour, in drawing parallels between The Boy and a popular TV detective, it now seems that the comparison might have been far more apt than could possibly have been realised – and entirely unfavourable.

In the fictional series Ashes to Ashes, Gene Hunt – the Guv – is now revealed to be a ghost – the troubled spirit of a young rookie PC, shot dead on Coronation Day in 1953. The unusual twist to the story is that Gene Hunt and his colleagues do not know they are ghosts.

Had the poster-designers known, they could perhaps have drawn attention to the other uncanny parallel ... that Cameron too is one of the undead. Certainly, David Cameron might no longer love the comparison he traded on. He is a ghost and so are all his colleagues. They just do not realise it ... yet.