Sunday, May 16, 2010

A fuss about nothing

Tory Boy blog is showing its usual excellent grasp of things EU, by speculating on the consequences of the Lisbon Treaty having to be re-ratified.

There is only a minor problem: the Treaty isn't going to be re-ratified. The "colleagues" are planning a new protocol (which is a sort of mini-treaty) to change the number of MEPs allowed, but that requires only the protocol to be ratified, leaving the Treaty untouched. This can be dealt with in the UK by using the Ponsonby rule.

In other words, this is completely a fuss about nothing, buoyed only by the unwillingness or inability of commentators to engage in matters EU and work out what is actually happening. But then, we are talking about a website that thought David Cameron was going to win the election. One need say no more.