Thursday, November 22, 2007

Those courageous artists

A really interesting piece by Ben Hoyle, the Times Arts Reporter about those brave artists who are always boasting or getting art critics to boast about their incredible courage. This goes for writers, cartoonists and comedians as well. They are all so courageous.

After all, they criticize President Bush and they laugh at the United States; they make derogatory comments about Margaret Thatcher (still) and they produce cartoons that could have been published in Der Stürmer; they write plays and produce works of "art" that mock Christianity and they make fun of the Pope and the Chief Rabbi.

There is, however, one thing they will not do: they will not mock, criticize or attack Islam even when it has turned into Islamism and terrorism; nor will they mock, criticize or attack Islamism when it manifests itself in judgements as the recent Saudi one of imprisonment and 200 lashes for the victim of a gang rape; nor will they produce angry artistic works in response to the news that two young men are hanged from cranes because they supposedly indulged in homosexual behaviour.

Why will they not do any of these things despite their enormous courage? Simple really: they are terrified of possible reprisals, which might come in response to the slightest criticism. Read the whole piece.

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