Saturday, November 17, 2007

A reminder

Some of our readers may have forgotten that George Soros, the onlie begetter of the European Council on Foreign Relations (memo to self: must find out what they are up to), has still not managed to disentangle himself from that conviction of insider dealing in 1988, despite his appeal to the European Court of Human Rights under the European Convention's Articles 6 and 7. No, I don't think they say that insider dealing is an inalienable human right by like other people of that ilk, Mr Soros is very hot on pointing out all the various reasons why certain trials were terribly unfair. Particularly his own.

Thomas Lifson reminds us of this fascinating tale on American Thinker as there has recently been another trial - that of a former "top aide" of George Soros's "on federal charges of conspiring to defraud investors". He has pleaded guilty and will be sentenced next week.

The story is fascinating and Mr Lifson does it justice.

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