Sunday, November 18, 2007

Somebody likes us!

Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday reviews our book, "Scared to Death". Unfortunately, it is not online, so you will have to buy the paper to get the full flavour. But here are some extracts:

Christopher Booker & his colleague, Richard North, are courageous opponents of scares. They ought to be national treasures ... they are relentlessly unfashionable. Their unwillingness to run with the pack makes them sceptical of conventional wisdom and sets them apart from mainstream journalism, which is unsettled by their diligence and their originality.

And then - like all sceptics - they are sometimes embarrassing even to their friends. They will insist on checking the facts of the matter ... this excellent forensic book ... Every politician, every journalist, every consumer of journalism should read, mark, learn and inwardly digest it.
I'm not sure about that bit about being "sometimes embarrassing even to their friends…" but Hitchins is dead right about us being "relentlessly

You can see this in our hit rate on the blog. We are constantly ahead of the field, "highly professional", "well written", "innovative" and "very readable". Those are not our comments, but what people say about us. Despite that, our readership is a fraction of the "big hitters" who feed their readership with a diet of fashionable, if trivial tat.

Every now and again, though, we get people like Hitchins write something like this, which, on top of the sustained support from our loyal readership, makes it all worthwhile.


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