Thursday, November 22, 2007

Getting to the heart of the matter (not)

Unusually, because I have to be at a studio very early this morning to do a programme promoting our book, Scared to Death, I am not able to post our normal overnight missive. Instead, therefore, I am linking to my piece HERE which has been two days, on and off, in the writing, posted on Defence of the Realm.

I appreciate that my defence posts are not everyone's cup of tea, especially when they deal with "toys", but this one is based on Tuesday's BBC interview with Mike Jackson (pictured) and looks at the strategic overview and the vexed question of defence spending. This should concern every taxpayer, and all those who have an interest in the wellbeing of our country. It is, therefore, written for a wider audience.

However, for that dwindling band that is actually interested in the conduct of our government-over-the-water and related issues, normal service will be resumed later today - if there is anything remotely worth writing about.


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