Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Forward the Anglosphere (again)

I have written about the Anglosphere, in my opinion the most exciting political idea of the present day, before, most recently here.

On a previous occasion I tried to sum up my discussions with Jim Bennett, author of The Anglosphere Challenge and the ideas he presented in the talk he gave to the Bruges Group on a particularly hot June evening (and just as I thought global warming was finally with us, along comes November, as wet and cold and windy as ever).

Bennett has now summed up his ideas in a shorter paper, published by the Heritage Foundation, which has taken its time in coming round to the idea. In fact, I am not sure it has come round.

On the eve of Thanksgiving Thursday, a festival that ought to be celebrated in England as well as America, as the Pilgrim Fathers were English and were demonstrating some forms of Anglospheric thinking, I can do no better than encourage everyone to read Jim’s paper, The Third Anglosphere Century – The English-Speaking World in Transition.

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