Friday, January 05, 2007

Predictable or what?

Just as a number of bloggers and journalists, including Michelle Malkin, were heading over to Iraq to find the mysterious police captain Jamil Hussein, lo and behold, his existence has been confirmed. Kind of. For the moment there seems to be no explanation as to where he has been all this time and why he has been whisked into arrest immediately on being found.

Nor is there any explanation as to what really happened in Hurriyah (there is still no real evidence for the story Jamil Hussein is supposed to have produced) or why none of the stories AP sourced from him have been confirmed by any other news outlet. Not just the odd one but none. Confederate Yankee, as ever, follows the story and the astonishing appearance of comments from left-wing bloggers who have, until now ignored it all.

And, of course, now there will be no need for Michelle and others to go to Iraq to see what AP is really up to. Isn't that convenient?

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