Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Saturday "toy"

Charles over at Little Green Footballs is in the habit of publishing occasional photographs for no other reason than they are good pictures. He usually themes them as a "Saturday night beach" or a "Thursday night supertanker" - or some such - and very good viewing they make.

Readers would be quite surprised to learn that, in creating this blog, quite how much work goes into background picture research – we can quite understand why so many bloggers do not post them. Finding the right pictures for every story does take up an inordinate amount of time, as indeed does processing and the actual process of posting them.

During the research, we quite often come across some stunning photos that are not useable simply because there is no immediate "handle". But so good are some that it is a shame to waste them, when they deserve a wider audience. Thus, I am going to borrow the idea from Charles and publish the occasional photo, just because it is a good photo.

Today's is a recent shot from the US Department of Defense depicting a Humvee on patrol somewhere near the US Bagram airbase, Afghanistan. It does underline the fact that by no means everything about soldiering is bad. Other than being a soldier, how else could you get to see such stunning views from your own private all-terrain vehicle, and get paid into the bargain?

I have posted the pic at 800 pixels, and if you mouse-click anywhere on the face of the pic, you can enlarge it to get the full flavour of the magnificent scenery.


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