Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Keeping up with the AP story

Although the British media has comprehensively ignored the story of Captain Jamil Hussein (if he exists) and the odd tale of 61 or 62 reports from him about horrific attacks on Sunnis by Shias, none of which had been corroborated by a single other news outlet. Not one.

As we reported a little while ago, it appeared that Captain Jamil Hussein had been found with no explanation of where he had been, who had seen him and what was the truth of the rather flexible Hurriyah incident.

Now, it seems that the story has taken yet another turn. Nobody had said that Captain Jamil Hussein of Khadra police station had been located - probably rather a long way away, as his supposed reports come from many different places.

What has been confirmed is that a Captain Jamil Ghdaab Ghulaim has been found in Khadra. So, is he the famous source? He says no. Has AP been using a pseudonymous source without telling anyone? We must not doubt the word of that "venerable" organization.

Confederate Yankee has the story with all the links. And, of course, Curt at Flopping Aces.


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