Monday, January 15, 2007

I'm a Tory… discuss

"Those (Tory) ideas are profound and enduring: freedom under the law, personal responsibility, sound money, strong defence and national sovereignty…" says the Boy King (not pictured – I thought I would save you the trauma).

"It is why we support the replacement of Britain's nuclear deterrent and have led the campaign for better conditions for Forces families… It is why we will restore Britain's opt-out from the European Social Chapter, and it is why we have announced our withdrawal from the federalist European People's Party."

"Our new Movement for European Reform is a pan-European campaign to promote a positive vision of an outward-looking Europe rather than an inward-looking EU obsessed with its own bureaucracy. We will continue to oppose an EU constitution that is about transferring power away from nation states and we will keep the pound as our currency."

So. The girlie boy's idea of "strong defence" is continuing the deterrent (good) and leading "the campaign for better conditions for Forces' families."

Then our Dave thinks that, because the British had an opt-out to the Social Chapter – which Blair gave up in 1997, he can go to the colleagues and ask for it back. Doesn’t he know about the ratchet effect – that surrender of powers is a one-way process? There is no provision in the Treaties for reinstating an opt-out. So what will he do when the colleagues say no?

As for getting out of the EPP, that is not until 2009 – which means you MEPs have another two years funding a group run by a French crook. Nice one Dave!

His Movement for European Reform is moribund – this blog has more traffic in a day that its website has had in total. As the Bruges Group puts it, more kindly, it is a fig-leaf. And the Boy will continue to oppose the EU constitution and the single currency? But so will Gordon.

What are you offering Dave?


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