Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Up a Gumtree?

It looks as if our 'enry is having something of a clear-out sale - picked up off the online, Gumtree classified ads site. In addition to voting both ways, Henry's been a busy boy. Or perhaps the lovely couple (below right) are having a clear out? Odd how they are using the constituency office as the contact point, though. Perhaps it's just as well Jennifer is part-time.

This, incidentally, is the same Henry who told us last year:
In Westminster I have been appointed to the Foreign & Commonwealth team advising the Minister of State. In addition I have been selected to the European Scrutiny Committee, a role I am greatly looking forward to as well over half our legislation comes from the EU, yet up until now meetings have been held in secret. I see my first job as being the reversal of this appalling situation and have Committee meetings in public so that all can see the kind of legislation Europe seeks to impose on us.
No wonder, he wanted to keep quiet about the voting games he is playing. The funny thing is, though, how the Guardian content partner and Myrtle don't seem to have noticed. Amazing how tolerant they are, when it comes to their own.