Friday, July 15, 2011

Noted By Madame Defarge - 4

In the tradition of Madame Defarge, we continue to record the 274 MPs who gave away £9.8 billion of our money, with their votes.

The next in our Hall of Shame is Peter Aldous, a Conservative (In Name Only), supposedly representing the constituency of Waveney, with a slender majority of 769 – which would be easily beatable by UKIP in a seat where its candidate polled 2684 votes in the general election. He would be a worthwhile target as he believes that the European Union's institutions and mechanisms should be strengthened and that Britain should be more closely integrated with the EU.

Mr Aldous's facebook profile is here. He says his number one priority is attracting more jobs to Waveney. This has involved campaigning for better roads and railways [including the 3rd Crossing and the Beccles Loop], superfast broadband and upgrading the electricity network, so that Lowestoft "can fully benefit from the great opportunity presented by offshore wind farms".

Clearly, Aldous is "blue greenie" as well as rabid euroslime, having recently said: "Not only can offshore wind generate significant amounts of electricity, it can support a new generation of engineering skills creating long term jobs which will be key to sustainable growth".

He claims he has also campaigned to ensure that pensioners get a fair deal – notwithstanding that he wants to condemn them to fuel poverty, with his enthusiasm for one of the most expensive forms of electricity generation known to man - in classic two-faced style, also backing a campaign to "end cold rented homes".

And this certainly did not stop him tramping through the lobby to vote for giving our money away – much of it to be taken from those very pensioners for whom he professes to care so much. His personal share of this smash and grab is £36 million, which he now owes us. He can, therefore, now consider himself Noted By Madame Defarge (NBMD). The knitting grows longer.