Tuesday, July 26, 2011

They know not what to do

We hear the ritual noises from the provincial government in London, but the result is this - it always is. Politicians talk the talk, but they do not understand the dynamics of regulation and have little knowledge of enforcement (the handmaiden of regulation). Besides, the majority of our business and economic legislation now comes from the EU, over which the provincial government has no control.

Such is the fantasy world in which they live, however, that they are prepared to entertain spurious debates about changes, when they know full well that they will do nothing – thus simply soaking up energy in a fraudulent and cynical exercise in so-called consultation.

The ultimate problem, however, is that the politicians do not know how to deregulate. Given the low grade of creature in parliament, this is unsurprising, but it does mean that the bureaucrats run rings round them. I do wish they would stop the charade, though, pretending they are doing something about "red tape". They haven't done anything sensible, and they never will.