Monday, July 18, 2011

Nothing yet will change

"As Ed Miliband said yesterday, this saga is changing the very psyche of British politics", opines The Grauniad in today's somewhat ponderous lead editorial. The writers could not be more wrong. The "very psyche of British politics" changed a long time ago, from being morally corrupt to overtly corrupt as well.

All that has happened is that the Scumset has been outed. They are, of course, trying to put the lid back on it, and will partially succeed as greater events reassert their dominance.

For some, lifting the lid to reveal the turgid inner workings of government and politics has come as a surprise. But not to us. For sure, we haven't known the details, but who needs to dissect a turd to know what it is? The stench as you approach the midden tells you all you need to know.

And what is being lost in this "frothing turd mousse" is any proper understanding of the scale and nature of the fractures in our system. And when this is all over and done, those fractures will still be there. Nothing will be done about them, because the Scumset will still be there.

Fundamental change is not yet upon us. We need the political equivalent of the the above before the air will smell sweet again.