Monday, July 11, 2011

Back in the real world

If we had any grown-ups left in the British media, this Die Welt story would be on the front pages. Amplified by Zerohedge, all we get from the likes of the Failygraph is a report that top European Union officials will meet in Brussels today to discuss the growing eurozone debt crisis "amid fears that Italy could be the next country to be affected".

Look at the front pages of all the main British papers, though, and there is no doubt what they all think is the most important event. This preoccupation with "self" – media discussing media – is a sign of loss of maturity. The MSM is regressing to childhood, eulogising over the end of low grade garbage while the world collapses around it.

They are going to wake up one day and find all their businesses are down the pan, as the economy takes a dive and global currencies crash and burn. Then, they will find they have a lot of growing up to do, at which point it could be too damn late. We really cannot afford this level of self-indulgence.