Monday, July 18, 2011

Get on with it

"The euro-zone debt crisis is over. Most of the banks are sound, and there will be a summit meeting on Thursday to solve any remaining problems", says Wall Street Journal. Mind you, it also says: "Believe that and you should bid madly for the Spanish bonds that will come to market on Thursday".

Boiling Frog picks up on that theme, affirming that the "real story" is the debt crisis. The Westminster bubble crisis will eventually wane, and nothing very much will have changed – although Mrs Dale thinks this could bring down Cameron.

Via Boiling Frog we also learn that, "for the first time since 2005, some people are thinking about life after Cameron". And "that's not good. Not good at all". All that comes from Dale – an opinion that is perhaps not quite universally shared.

So where does that leave Willie Hague, with his "Let's make the EU work to our advantage" sermon? I have to say that I sniggered when I say that as well, but really can't be arsed to fisk anyone who still maintains we can be "in Europe but not ruled by Europe". To take Hague seriously is to afford him far more gravitas than he deserves.

It is another sign, though, that the Tories might be thinking that an election is closer than they would prefer. It all smacks of trying to bid for the eurosceptic vote – the sermon apparently meant in response to Useless Eustice and his gang. But why the Tories think we should be impressed is inexplicable.

Have you noticed though, that Hague has acquired the BBC hand-waving tendency (pictured) – as indeed has Boy Dave. This must be part of the compulsory media training that they all have to do. But how interesting that they should chose the BBC model for their public image.

Soon enough, with all this mutual recto-cranial insertion, the whole of the political class is going to explode in a massive fountain of ordure. Then we can hose it off and start all over again. I do wish they'd get on with it though.