Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A short interlude

For those who want them, I have put up the full, readable versions of The Daily Express for 11-12 July 1940 – respectively here and here.

I have also discovered the superb archive from the National Library of Australia, which has some of the main newspapers of the period online, including the Melbourne Argus, example here. Each day's edition is downloadable in .pdf format, as a single file, rather than page-by-page.

Helpfully, also, each page is searchable, so the text can be explored for specifics, if that is needed.

In 1940, while paper for UK newspapers was rationed, the Australian papers were not restricted, which means that events in England actually got more coverage than in the home country. For anyone who has an interest in the period, therefore, these are a valuable source of material.

Unlike UK archives, this material is free and easily accessible, as a national and international resource.