Sunday, July 17, 2011

It isn't

"The hearing on Tuesday has been described as the most important select committee session in the history of Parliament", says The Independent on Sunday. It is not alone. I distinctly heard a BBC hand-waver describe it as "truly historic".

That these bubble-dwellers can describe what is happening in such terms confirms the extent to which they have been corrupted. Obsessed with "self", these people are in the last stages of terminal decline. Raedwald has them banged to rights:
When MPs gather in committee on Tuesday they will be unable to contain all the built-up frustrated narcissism, the bloviated self-importance, the caustic self-interest and the barbs of rock-bottom public opinion; they will expose themselves as snarling, vicious, hateful, splenetic and spiteful bullies. If Heston Blumenthal applied his Nitrogen cylinder to human faeces to produce a frothing turd mousse of righteous indignation, the result would be indistinguishable from a committee-member MP next week. Their faces will bloat and empurple, veins will throb, sebaceous glands will drip grease from their lank locks, spittle froth will coat their lips and their pudgy little fists will clench as tightly as if holding an expenses form. These, readers, are our elected members.
Treasure this. You do not get writing like that in the MSM. Hitchens gets close but, in the main, you get turd-eaters like Matthew d'Ancona. As per usual, he is massaging his own pitiful ego and inducing nausea in those unfortunate enough to have gazed at his droppings.