Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This is getting stupid

These people are taking us for a ride. Little Dave said he was going to sort it, but that was just another of his lies to add to a growing list of lies. He now looks stupid – not that he ever looked any different – and he is now making us look stupid as well.

Are there any grown-up out there, at all, who can sort this out? Or do they really want us to do it? Then, they'll not be looking at human rights so much as last rites.  And if that is inflammatory, stop to consider how this plays out.  As best - stretching it to breaking point - we are prepared to tolerate immigrant couples reuniting.  But the most fundamental issue here is one of integration - if you want to become a British citizen, you learn the language.

To have an alien law, imposed by alien judges, with the British government rolling over and letting them, over something as sensitive as this, could not be more inflammatory. Few things could be quite as provocative.  And even the apathetic British have a breaking point ... this brings it a lot closer.