Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Any goo will do

If ever one needed an example of quite how useless is the MSM, here it is - a softball interview with the snake-oil salesman himself, and a repeat of the infamous "one mistake" meme.

It really does not matter how many times you write that this was not a mistake but a deliberate fraud and that it represented a clear conflict of interest and double dealing, with Booker also pitching in, you will still get brain dead reporters giving the charlatan a platform, and newspapers willing to publish the goo.

Never mind that there was also Amazongate and Africagate, which have now been conveniently forgotten, alongside the multiple conflict of interest issues and his very questionable financial dealings, with the man demonstrating that he has a finger in every pie.

We could go on, but don't need to. We've made the case. The MSM does need to, but will not. Being in the MSM means you don't have to do your homework and never have to say you are sorry. And any goo will do when you are the Failygraph.