Sunday, July 10, 2011

A dose of unreality

On this, the seventy-first anniversary of the official (rather than actual) start of the Battle of Britain, Mrs EUReferendum and I are going to get away from it all and spend the day at a local War Weekend celebration.

To mark once again the anniversary of the events in 1940, I have posted here a facsimile of the front page of The Daily Express for 10 July 1940. This comes in full-size format, converted from the PDF into a large JPEG. If you click the pic, (and then click again when the pic comes up, if on Chrome) you'll get it full size on your screen and you can read the whole thing. The definition will stand further enlargement on your browser if you need it.

I'll take advice on this (through the forum and e-mail), but if there is enough interest (I do not want to bore readers with my own obsession), I'll post the whole newspaper edition for the day (six pages) in readable format on the Battle of Britain blog later today. Let me know what you think.

UPDATE: All six pages are up on Days of Glory. You might want to look at this as well.