Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweet 'n' sour

That sweet boy Cameron is going to have a look at EU procurement rules, although he is still blaming the previous Labour government for agreeing to [the] strict rules in a European directive which dictated the decision to award a lucrative train building contract to Germany's Siemens rather than Bombardier.

But none of the little euroslime need worry. We're talking about Tories here, who can look both ways on every issue. They are not actually going to do anything. The sour Mr Hammond has told the unions to take a hike. The government is bound by European Union procurement laws, he says.

So the Tories give their faithful the message in the Failygraph and the euroslime are reassured in the Grauniad. They haven't cottoned on yet that some people read both, and Dave only reads the latter.