Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Parasite Class

The BBC dutifully tells us our masters are doing their bit to share the load. And we are supposed to be grateful.
The chief executive of South Gloucestershire Council has voluntarily taken an £8,000 pay cut. Amanda Deeks now earns £155,000 a year - a 5% reduction in her previous salary.
So that's alright then. Well it just so happens I live in South Gloucestershire and this creature, unwittingly, just declared war on a North. I am not paying another cent to these people until this woman is removed. Whatever the cost. She is noted by one Madame Defarge. Shame there's never an Anders Breivik around when you need one.

UPDATE: Thanks to our forum, we now know her total pay for 09/10 was £184,790 (pdf - see page 28). Right about the time the council was warning of "significant cuts". I will not let this rest. This is the facebook page.

And in case you were wondering what we pay her for... Take a look at this.