Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

If there ever was a time for "bah humbug" it is perhaps this particular day – freezing cold, light snow on the ground with heavy falls forecast – and the economic situation just as bleak. And with the Met Office forecasting a hot summer, you can be assured that we will be in for a damp, dismal and cold year.

That apart, we have a government that is clearly incapable of running any sort of celebration in a brewery, even if tap water was the drink of choice, while all the pundits tell us that, if 2008 was bad, you ain't seen nuffink yet.

For all that, there is as good a reason for being happy as any, for a few hours at least – simply being miserable is highly unproductive and terribly boring. So, for those few hours, running into tomorrow, we might just as well pull down the booze and make the most of it – it ain't going to last.

Happy New Year!