Friday, January 09, 2009

Wrong question

I was tempted to put this up without comment ... after all, it does speak for itself. Some might be offended by the joke, but humour is one of the ultimate definitions of humanity. How many animals make jokes?

Even in the darkest hours, and in the most hideous situations, people can make jokes ... gallows humour, or whatever. Sometimes it is a nervous reaction, other times it is simply to relieve the tension and, at other times, it is simply to entertain.

However, the Jewish culture is known for its rich vein of humour - one of my favourites is Abe calling on God to fix the lottery for him, only for his number not to come up in the next draw. When Abe complains about being forsaken, the Heavens open up and a thunderous voice intones, "Abe! Abe! You are going to have to help me out here! Buy a smegging ticket!"

A culture that can make fun of itself cannot be all bad!