Friday, January 09, 2009

That CNN video (cont.)

It seems that CNN has not only pulled the very questionable video purportedly shot in a hospital but has even taken down the empty video page. However, the text story remains with no reference to there having been a video or what happened to it. What do you call that? Oh yes, professional journalism. Not like us bloggers or Joe the Plumber who is going to Gaza on Pajamas Media TV's behalf.

Also, here is Richard Landes' column on the subject.

UPDATE: Just noticed on Little Green Footballs that the free-lance photographer, Ashraf Mashharawi, has an interesting business background (scroll down to the end of the posting). Well, well, who would have thunk it?

UPDATE: CNN has put the video back and is insisting it is genuine though there seems to be a great deal of doubt (to use a serious understatement) around. Instapundit brings together the arguments. Confederate Yankee's analysis of CNN's "evidence" is particularly amusing.