Thursday, January 08, 2009

Gosh, what a surprise!

It seems that Arab states and governments are secretly relieved that Israel is waging war against Hamas and may well destroy that group's ability. In some cases the opposition to Hamas and the support for Israel have not been all that secret. Well, colour me surprised. After all, anyone with half a brain would have realized some time ago that despite the rhetoric Arab states, rich or poor, give very little support to their Palestinian brethren and tend to urge them to ever greater suicidal missions.

Nor have the pictures of demonstrations in the Middle East shown enormous crowds; not if one compares numbers to demonstrations when something really important happens like the bread riots in Egypt last spring.

However, not all is lost. Hamas will still have the EU, the UN, various NGOs and other tranzis on their side. Somebody should do a psychopathological study on people who wander round the corridors of all these organizations.