Monday, June 18, 2007


After our pieces, here, here, and here, they're getting there … at last!

...Last night another civilian helicopter company, Skytech, stepped in saying it could offer aircraft and pilots for immediate use in Afghanistan.

With the private helicopters taking the workload off the RAF, the Chinooks would be released to carry out combat operations and more would be available for medical evacuations.
"Common sense dictates that we need to accept that this is a war and then decide what resources we need to get the battle won," says Col Tim Collins. "Our Chinooks are being made to do logistics tasks where they are getting the stuffing knocked out of them."

I think we've been saying something very similar, but then, what do we know ... we're only a blog. The Telegraph doesn't even think our comments worth publishing on its website!

One does worry about these Telegraph caption writers, though. Look at the pic on the link, which shows two helos, described as "Chinooks" (plural). The second one is a Blackhawk.


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