Saturday, June 23, 2007

And now to the detail

Inevitably, it now falls to take a fine toothcomb to the European Council's mandate.

However, while we have a certain expertise in this area, we do not hold ourselves to be the fount of all wisdom. Therefore, I am minded to construct a detailed analysis in the same way that we pioneered with the highly successful "Qangate" report – as an online collaborative exercise.

To that effect, I am posting the text of a very rough overview of the "mandate" on page two of our blog, with an accompanying thread on the forum, both headed: "The European Council 'mandate' analysed". We will then take input from all our members.

With that and our own input, the aim is to produce, as fast as possible, a comprehensive document, outlining and explaining the changes proposed, putting them in a political and constitutional context, complete with links to other useful documentation. We will publish this as a .pdf document for ease of ongoing reference.

Our draft document is posted here.


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