Friday, February 10, 2012

A man of the people?

Only the Tories could think this one up, and believe it could be a vote-winning strategy. Or perhaps it was darling Emma who thought that one up?For the rest of us, a Bronx cheer is a more likely response.

But one really does wonder where The Boy stores his brain when he is not using it (most times). He is, we are told, to investigate whether the Swedish "maid credit" system could be transferred to Britain.

He is said to have expressed interest in the plan during the Nordic-Baltic summit in Stockholm, telling delegates that he was keen to explore Sweden's experience of "encouraging and helping women go out to work". So, with the world (and certainly Europe), on the brink of financial meltdown, The Boy is in Stockholm discussing tax-breaks for hiring one's servants. One must get one's priorities right.

Shades of "let them eat cake", methinks. They are off their collective trolleys. Still, there should be plenty of Greek ladies ready to do their skivvying.