Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And for the anally retentive

… all those people who got so terrible sniffy about this blog, when we started warning of a revolution. But now the Failygraph is coming to the same conclusion, are we now permitted to discuss such things?

The interesting thing is that we are self-evidently in a pre-revolutionary situation but, despite the long-standing violence, there is no real evidence of an incipient revolution.

As we remarked recently, the equipment and tactics for dealing with street disorder are such that it is difficult for a crowd to prevail. Thus, we concluded, talk of an uprising may be premature, and even without substance. More to the point, possibly, there is no ideology which can motivate and unify the opposition.

However, since the great Failygraph has spoken, I suppose we must defer to their greater wisdom, although one does wonder (above). If this is what the EU is bringing us to, why is it that the paper wants us to stay in? What is this great "compromise" that it has in mind?