Sunday, August 21, 2011

They shoot looters don't they?

Rather ironic, all those "tough guys" calling for the Army to be brought in to deal with the looters ... when it turns out that amongst the biggest looters of them all are the military top brass - one helo trip equivalent to two wide-screen plasma TVs (PTEs).

Mind you, there is little new about this. The Brass have a history of ripping off the taxpayer – here, to the tune of nearly 1,700 PTEs .. for the servants (many, serving soldiers). That, it seems, is in addition to the 1,200 PTEs for the limousines .. call it 3,000 plasma TVs, including discount.

Success, it seems, it being able to sit in your luxury office and get your serfs to do your looting for you. Why bother breaking windows when one can delegate your looting, and do it wholesale? One can even get the loot sent directly, or get one's servants to pick it up for one.