Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Everywhere you look

In virtually every economic sector and sphere of activity, we are seeing examples of wholesale looting. The rot was spreading to "charities" by 2009, although these also included some very dubious operations.

One such was the Riverside Housing Group. Chief executive Deborah Shackleton walked away with £231,000 in 2008-9. These housing association are very suspicious, basically no more than jumped-up council housing departments, ripping off their "clients".

Ironically another parasite was Gillian Guy, the group chief executive of Victim Support. This is the outfit that rings you up with platitudes when you get burgled. Yet she got to take home a cool £100,000 ... much more than most burglars net.

Generally, we have the parasite class taking the piss, as the Daily Mail is once again reporting. Yet, strangely, while this newspaper is pre-eminent in reporting the machinations of the corporate looters, it is most strident about the street amateurs.  It still hasn't got the point.

And speaking of corporates, Raedwald has come up with a beauty. Writing of the quango WRAP, he notes the need of that loathsome organisation  to justify CE Liz Goodwin's salary of £194,000 and the quango's cost to taxpayers of some £79m a year. Try to read the piece and not feel angry.

These fools clearly cannot realise that this is the stuff of revolution ... as the recession bites, and the lights go out, even our sheeple will be out on the streets looking for blood. The Daily Mail, the political and all the rest of them can moralise for all they are worth but, if parasite classes keep taking the piss like this, some of them are going to die.