Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lucky for her

... her loyal citizens only want to cut her salary. But, if the looting class continue to take the piss, nothing can be ruled out (see news clip below).

Much more and the authorities are going to have to consider full-time police guards for their chief executives and other senior officers. And then they will discover the true meaning of "there are more of us than there are of them". They cannot be everywhere, all the time.

For next year, though, it is time already to consider a Council Tax "slow-down". These white-collar looters will quite happily put their own "customers" in jail if they don't cough up, and jail is not a place you want to be. But there is no reason why payment should not be delayed.

Wait until the bailiffs appear before paying, and then pay the money direct to the town hall, minus the charges they have levied. Send a cheque ... they cost more to process, and make it for five pence more than the sum due. Staple the cheque (several times) to the covering note. And, of course, do not put a stamp on the letter.

To such stratagems are we reduced, but this – and much more to come – signifies the removal of consent. TPTB have hollowed out the democratic process, so it no longer means anything. Short of killing these people, we have to devise a series of "pinprick" tactics that will make our displeasure felt.

They, like Killian (an unfortunate name), should count themselves lucky that we are, by and large, a law-abiding nation. But they should also be aware that there is a limit to our patience.