Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Only one part of the picture

The Failygraph is making a welcome issue about salaries council chief executives. However, it falls short of making the obvious point, that these people are the more serious looters – far more so than the amateurs out on the streets.

Nor is it at all correct, as the paper says, that this is one corner of the public service that appears oblivious to the fact that we are facing the most difficult economic conditions since the 1930s. What about the quangocrats and the out of control civil servants? And nor is the NHS without its problems.

It is not clear, therefore, what game the Failygraph is playing. Like the Daily Mail, it is getting some good reporting in, but is failing to join up the dots. Our rulers are looting the public purse on an industrial scale – billions of pounds are draining out of the system.

Important though they are, local authority CEOs are only one part of the picture. The looters have taken over and the entire system is out of control.