Sunday, August 28, 2011

I blame the parents

A man held on suspicion of looting a mobile phone store in the riots is, we are told, the son of a former police boss. Mark Duvall, 26, was arrested on Friday in connection with an attack on a Vodafone shop in Woolwich, South London.

His father, Len Duvall OBE, was chairman of the Met Police Authority and is leader of the Labour Group on the London Assembly. Last week, the London Assembly member for Greenwich and Lewisham called for public help to track down the rioters.

He said: "I'm dismayed and outraged by the mindless violence, theft, criminal damage and risk to life we have seen in Greenwich and Lewisham and around London".

The one thing for sure, however, is that the police are handling this crime correctly. Following earlier concern that the police over-reacted to high-profile crimes, the public were told this:
In certain cases blanket coverage by the media may lead to the public perception that police are targeting resources to high profile stories. The Met have confirmed to the Authority that this is categorically untrue and we want to reassure London's communities that all investigations are resourced proportionally.
The author of this statement, by the way, was Len Duvall OBE.