Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The days are numbered

... as the miserable summer drains away, we move to an autumn of discontent – and the warmists will continue with their mantras.

There has been much excitement over various scientific developments in the climate field, weakening still further the foundation of the warmists' belief system, but this has never been about science. Thus, eroding the foundations will have little effect on the progress of this scare.

It is the case in the scare dynamic that the longest and most damaging phase is the final one – the regulatory over-kill - which extends far beyond the original impact of the scare. We still have on the statute book legislation dealing with the 1988 salmonella scare, the listeria scare of the following year and the BSE scare of 1996.

The main effect of the global warming scare is being felt in energy policy, and that will be with us for some considerable time. The up-side is that the effects are noticeable and they bring down governments. Effectively, the winter of 1946-7 did for the Labour government and redefined post-war politics.

We are probably approaching a similar turning point. A miserable, cold population, with no money in their pockets, will not be kindly disposed to the government when the lights go out and the TVs and games computers go silent. Of such stuff are revolutions made.

And with the looting class there to give us an example, we know what to do.