Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Tony Fountain (pictured), the chief executive of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, we are told, is the country’s highest-paid quango boss with a pay package of more than £520,000, comprising a basic salary of £365,000, a second home allowance of £85,937 and pension payments of £70,810.

The former BP executive also received a performance bonus of £146,000 and additional payments of almost £9,000, bringing his total pay to more than £675,000.

And that is unacceptable ... that and the rest of them who are being so grossly overpaid. I am not interested in excuses or even explanations. Words are not enough ... this is wholesale looting, theft on an industrial scale. It must stop.

Now, I acknowledge that we cannot make it stop in the short term. But hear ye, powerless we might be as individuals, but you – and you know who "you" are – would be extremely unwise to presume on that always being the case. Our memories are long, and our patience is short ... and you can push us only so far.