Monday, August 22, 2011

A matter of judgement

With the media going into "super-hype mode" over Libya, one can only observe that, had it now to report the proceedings on the Second World War, most of the detail with which we are now familiar would have been left out. The newspapers would have run out of space.

Despite this, however, the Daily Mail still finds room to squeeze in a story about Cameron's favourite "supercop", Bill Bratton. It transpires that he was forced to leave his last public appointment under something of a cloud.

The affairs recounted by the newspaper underline the unsavoury nature of this "celebrity cop". But, more to the point, they strengthen the view that, as a judge of character, David Cameron is singularly lacking. Already having burnt his fingers with Coulson, we now see The Boy make a similar mistake with Bratton.

Politicians can never hope to cover adequately all the issues with which they are confronted, which means they are reliant on their advisors. The test of a modern politician, therefore, is his skill in picking the right advisors – and listening to them. In this, as in so many other departments, Cameron is again found wanting.