Monday, August 15, 2011

And the fool speaks

"These thugs we saw last week don't represent us and they don't represent the young people and they won't drag us down," Mr Cameron said.

The trouble is, Mr Cameron, you don't represent us either. We don't share your values, we don't trust you, didn't vote for you, and do not accept from you what you think is "leadership". We have no confidence that you have any grasp of the issues, or can even begin to solve the problem.

Reheating the same tired old scams isn't going to work either, Mr Cameron. You tried that on us in September 2007, so offering a variation of the same thing now does not impress.

A "National Citizen Service" would help mend Britain's "broken society", you said in 2007. You said that you wanted the programme to bring together "north and south, black and white, rich and poor". It would help young people "develop a sense of purpose, optimism and belonging which would reduce their desire to binge drink, carry weapons and take drugs", you said.

Hundreds of thousands of 16-year-olds would be encouraged to spend the summer on "a six-week course to encourage patriotism and civic responsibility", you said.

Do you really think you can take us for fools? Do you really think we are as stupid as you evidently are? Do you really think that throwing public money at such a fatuous scheme is going to solve anything? And as for your "human rights" promise ... we've heard it all before. Your were there in February 2009, remember? Why should we believe you will do anything now?

We could, of course, tell you what is wrong and how to fix it - and have done. But you and your kind don't listen - never have listened. You are only really interested in maintaining your own power and privilege, and want people to tell you only what you want to hear, on your terms. To that effect you have developed sophisticated filters which enable you to hear only what you want to hear.

And that is why you will never solve the problem, Mr Cameron. You are the problem.