Monday, August 15, 2011

Looters escaping justice

Raedwald has the story. I really am getting sick and tired of this ... one rule for "them" and one for "us". Apart from anything else, this, the previous story, and many others, make a mockery of the idea that Britain is a democracy with the people exerting any serious control over the government, its politicians and servants.

Time after time though, when such stories are published, they do nothing but raise the blood pressure and reinforce our sense of frustration at our own impotence. The impulse is to smash up the system, sentiments not a million miles from the rioters so many people deplore.

If the system will not correct itself, though, what is to be done? How much longer can we continue to tolerate this wholesale looting of the public purse – officials and politicians alike making a complete mockery of the very idea of good governance?

These are serious questions, and we need serious answers. Without them, and the action that should naturally follow, they only answer is violence. History does tell us that – when the limits of tolerance are reached, people start to get killed.

To point this out is not to incite violence, or to condone it ... or even to wish it. But the politicians and their officials must realise that the broad sweep of history is against them. They cannot continue in this vein, or the consequences will be grievous.

That is not a threat, not a promise, but simply fact. It is their call, not ours. Theirs is the responsibility, the duty, to solve this problem, or we will have to - and the last time that happened (illustrated) it was not pretty.