Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Re-writing history

Winston Smith has nothing on the Met Office, which is busy re-writing history in an attempt to convince us that it predicted this awful winter weather. Autonomous Mind is on the case, complete with a reminder of what the Met Office actually did say, in public at least.

The current legend is that the Met Office did know after all – and told the government Cabinet Office. But it did not make its forecast public. That, however, hardly explains why the government budget for winter fuel payments was only £40 million for the whole winter, with the early bout of Arctic weather having triggered £100 million of extra benefits spending by early December.

There is something particularly sinister about this attempt to deceive, and Autonomous Mind is determined to track it down. This needs blowing wide open. Biased BBC is also duly affronted – particularly at the role of Roger Harrabin, who is playing a dark hand in all this - and the admirable Tom Nelson is keeping track of the posts.