Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Corruption should not begin at home

A group of eminent Indians has said in an open letter that corruption is on the rise and "corroding the fabric of the nation", reports the BBC. The group, including industrialists, bankers and judges, warned of "widespread governance deficit almost in every sphere of national activity". Yet this is the country to which we have given over £1 billion in aid, giving overall 29 percent of its total development aid, in circumstances where even the odious Guardian is worried about where the money goes.

This is the country of Rajendra Pachauri, from whom we take advice on global warming, and to whom we are giving £10 million to be spent on his pet institute, TERI, despite irregularities in its UK accounts. And from all that, it is difficult to work out which is more corrupt (or venal) – the donor or recipient country. But either way, we have better things on which to spend our money. Unlike charity, corruption should not begin at home.