Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gullible greens

If you believe in nothing, you end up falling for everything. I have this bridge I want to sell ... And, from gullibility to stupidity ... they don't get much more stupid than this madam.  This is the positively ghastly ego-on-stilts, Caroline Lucas, who wants wartime-style rationing to address "climate change", the biggest crisis since the War, she avers.

One can never be quite sure whether la Lucas actually means what she is saying, or is just doing it for effect - a quick dollop in The Guardian being her reward this time.  No doubt, Louise Gray of The Daily Failygraph is, as we speak, setting out her crayons.  For her own sake, we hope that the paper's management don't let her near anything sharp like pencils.

And, after our pop at Carter Fuck yesterday, out crawl these odious creeps from under their stone again, this time representing a pig farm against a bunch of greenie crooks, the Soil Association.  Of course, this is seen by the excremental Guardian as "legal bullying" and a great assault on freedom of speech. But when the same firm aligned with Rajendra Pachauri, against The Sunday Telegraph, well that was just fine and dandy.

That is the one thing you cannot fault the greenies on - the way they have embraced hypocrisy and elevated it to a higher art form.  Moonbat, thou hast learnt thine trade all too well.