Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A reunited shambles

Not the most complimentary of headlines from The Irish Times, and that is only the start. And still they stagger on, it writes: Cowen, the dead duck; Martin the lame duck; Hanafin the gutless duck; and Lenihan, the superior duck who shot himself in the foot.

The next Cabinet meeting will be like an episode of Casualty. (Minus the lame duck, already making an unexpected and rapid recovery.) But now that the air has been cleared, Fianna Fáil is a united shambles, lurching forward with renewed confidence toward electoral oblivion.

So the plucky Taoiseach has survived a vote of confidence in himself. This means he can hold his head high and walk unaided to the political knacker's yard in a few months' time.

Now that really is delicious - political invective to savour.