Monday, January 17, 2011

They would kill us all

The great hope for energy is shale gas, one of the few ways we might loosen the grip of the greenies on energy policy. Needless to say, the greenies have seen the threat to themselves, and – with the help of Roger Harrabin - are calling for a moratorium on drilling.

Ministers, so far, aren't wearing it – but these are just the opening salvoes. The battle has just started and the greenies mean to kill us all. Nevertheless, over at The Register we learn that the government has been "blasted" for ignoring shale gas. And indeed it has, in common with the MSM which seems to be unaware of what is going on – and there's a surprise.

Is it time to decouple "Climate Change" from the Department of Energy and Climate Change? If it was the plain old "Department of Energy" again, it might spend more time researching new fuel sources, says Andrew Orlowski, effectively repeating a refrain that Booker has been singing for some time.

Anyhow, if the greenies don't finish us off, the Cleggerons will. The coalition has backtracked on a promise to bring in a stabiliser which would have ensured petrol tax was reduced if oil prices went too high. Treasury chief secretary Danny Alexander says that Euroslime Dave's stabiliser idea was "complicated" and would be "difficult to achieve".

Ministers have also rejected calls to scrap the 1p rise in fuel duty due to come in on 1 April. So, while the political élites swan about in their chauffeur-driven cars at the taxpayers' expense, we pay through the nose for their privilege.